KSI Unleashed – out now!


We’re really excited to announce the launch of our brand new game, KSI Unleashed – available now for FREE on the App Store and Google Play.

Good Catch have joined up with KSI himself in this official beat ’em game. In a world full of evil Illuminati minions, epic battles and deadly weapons, only one man can save the day…

▲ VOICED BY YOUR BOY – The official game voiced KSIOlajidebt himself!
△ COLLECT WEAPONS – Beat off your enemies with hundreds of insane weapons, from Rubber Ducks to the fabled Princess Sparkle Purge Stick.
▲ INTENSE BOSS FIGHTS – Battle endless hordes of confirmed Illuminati minions and take on powerful end-game bosses, KSI style.
△ STORY MODE – Take on 20 levels of story mode and coming soon fight to the top of the Slaughter House leaderboard.
▲ UNLEASH THE BEAST – Get hyper to enter Beast mode! Crush your enemies, save the world, get free chicken.

KSI Unleashed – One man’s battle for the chicken he loves…

We really hope you enjoy the game. The game is free to download and play, but includes some in-app purchases.

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