Mr Bean Sandwich Stack – Out Now!

We have a new game, Mr Bean Sandwich Stack! It’s a fun and playful game for iOS and Android, which is now available worldwide. We’d love to tell you a bit more about it, so keep reading.

Mr Bean Sandwich Stack

Mr Bean is trying to make a sandwich, in a beany way of course. He needs your help to catch and stack as many sandwich fillings shot into the air by his crazy invention. However, don’t let your stack wobble or your sandwich will come tumbling down! 


First of all Mr Bean Sandwich Stack is 100% free to play. The game has very simple ‘one tap controls’, which means you can play one-handed when you have some time to kill on the train, in the waiting room or while watching tv! But even though it’s simple, it’s a lot of physics-based fun! How high can you make the stack without making it wobble?

Crazy Sandwich Fillings

One of our favorite features is the crazy sandwich fillings. Anyone for a crab, pie, egg and pineapple sandwich? There are over 20 silly ingredients, but we’ll let you discover them while you play.

Rewarding Gameplay

Finally, try to beat your own record by building bigger stacks. Then check out the leaderboards and achievements to see if you can beat your friends. While playing you can also unlock 14 collectible wallpapers to decorate Mr bean’s kitchen and give it a makeover.

We did a little competition for launch in the studio, our current record is 67 if you can do better let us now on Facebook

Do you want to play too? Download Mr Bean Sandwich Stack today and see how high you can make your stack! 

If you’d like more information about the game, check out the game page.