6 Simple Simon’s Cat Dash Tips You Need to Know

Simon's Cat Game Tips
Are you enjoying our Simon’s Cat Game? Here are 6 simple Simon’s Cat Dash tips by the Game Designer which will help you reach a new high score in no time!

Simon’s Cat Dash Tips

#1 Follow the Butterflies

Simon's Cat Game Tips Butterflies

Follow the blue butterfly trails to safely navigate through the levels. They will show you where to jump, dash or slide. You will also collect lots of butterflies, which you can spend on presents in the shop to unlock new trails, buddies and more.

#2 Higher Routes

Simon's Cat Game Tips Higher Routes

Even though higher routes are harder, they are more rewarding and worth the risk!

#3 Golden Butterflies

Simon's Cat Game Golden butterflies

Make sure you catch the Golden butterflies, they are worth 10 times more than the blue ones! A nice boost to your butterfly savings for presents and upgrades.

#4 Score Multiplier

Simon's Cat Game Tips Score Multiplier

If you want a killer high score, focus on increasing your ‘score multiplier’ by completing missions and upgrading it in the shop. That’s the best way to climb up in the leaderboards and beat your friends.

#5 Pigeon Boost

Simon's Cat Game Tips Pigeon Boost

Use the Pigeon boost at the start of a run to get a head start. The pigeon will transport you to more challenging parts of your run and carry you past several milestones, which means more score rewards at the end! 

#6 Catnip Mode

Simon's Cat Game Tips Catnip

Collect as many Catnip plants as possible! Catnip plants charge up ‘Catnip Mode’ which gives your score multiplier a massive boost while it’s active. Activate Catnip Mode six times and you will run through the special golden butterflies section. Try not to miss any! 

There you go, 6 Simon’s Cat Dash tips to improve your game. You’re ready to play now!

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