Mr Bean Risky Ropes – New Game!

Risky Ropes joined our Mr Bean Games collection and we couldn’t be more proud! We released our new game on May 10, 2018, and it was featured on the App Store under ‘New Games we love’ on the same day.

Mr Bean Risky Ropes

Go on an adventure with Mr Bean! He’s stuck up a cliff and needs your help to get to safety! Jump over rocks, leap over goats and don’t get stung by bees. Collect coins and go on a journey to the bottom of the ocean, the chilly arctic and even the moon! Can you get further than your friends?

Mr Bean Games Risky Ropes Gif Cliff


Mr Bean Risky Ropes is 100% free to play and uses simple 1 tap controls. You’ll see that the gameplay is quite refreshing compared to other casual mobile games, we like to call it endless jumping. You can unlock 4 different zones which come with their own unique rules. For example, in the Ocean, Mr Bean jumps further horizontally and on the Moon, Mr Bean jumps upside down! You can also unlock more than 15 Mr Bean costumes, such as Firefighter Bean and Ironman. We won’t spoil them all!

Mr Bean Games Collection

Mr Bean Risky Ropes is the 4th game in our collection, following on the success of Mr Bean Around the World, Mr Bean Flying Teddy and Mr Bean Sandwich Stack. Stay up to date on all our games via our Facebook page – Mr Bean Games

Check out Mr Bean Risky Ropes and if you love it, please leave a review! 

If you’d like more information about the game, check out the game page.