How Good Catch Benefits from Working with Popular TV Shows

Good Catch Brands

The UK indie developer scene is a diverse environment, from the small one-man teams to Triple-A competitors like Ninja Theory. Our studio, Good Catch, floats somewhere in between thanks to our outstanding access to some of the most popular entertainment brands in the world.

Good Catch Brands

Our Partnership with a Global TV Production Company

Good Catch is an independent studio and publisher based in London and established in 2016. We’re wholly owned by Endemol Shine Group, one of the world’s largest TV production companies. You may know them from shows like Big Brother, Humans, Masterchef, Black Mirror and more. You can see their full portfolio here. This structure gives us the freedom to create our own original games, like Black & White Bushido or work with well-known brands and create games like Mr Bean – Risky Ropes, Pointless Quiz, and Simon’s Cat Dash.

Black & White Bushido available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam


The Benefits of Working with Brands

Building games around popular TV shows has a lot of benefits. For starters, there’s already an audience of passionate fans who’d love to play your game, which leads to more awareness and press attention.

Good Catch brand Bean

Did you know Mr Bean is more popular than Justin Bieber on Facebook?

The insights Endemol Shine Group can provide us are extremely helpful for our Game Designers and marketing team. Knowing our target audience helps us provide the perfect game experience for fans in terms of genre, style, difficulty and platforms. We don’t always limit ourselves to the existing audience. By ensuring the game can stand on its own within it’s genre, the game becomes an extension of the brand with new fresh ideas. A good example of this is the new cats we’ve created for Simon’s Cat Dash, which appeal both to fans and general cat lovers.

Sir Jingle, designed by Simon Tofield for Simon’s Cat Dash

However for our artists brands provide an interesting challenge, the game artwork needs to fit within the brand guidelines and style of the show, which can be a limitation, but also a great learning experience. We often collaborate with talented artists, like Simon Tofield, the creator of Youtube phenomenon Simon’s Cat.  Finally, from a personal perspective, many of us are so excited to work with shows we love and add new stories and experiences to the universe of the show.