Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to the more frequently asked questions below.  Still having a problem? Then email us at support@dealornodealapp.co.uk


Why are there questions in the game?
In Deal or No Deal - Noel's Quiz, answering questions correctly will increase your power bar - the fuller your power bar, the more power ups you unlock for use in that round of classic Deal or No Deal box picking.
What is my Lucky Box?
Your lucky box is the box your pick at the beginning of the game which stays with you throughout and contains one of the 22 prize amounts. See How To Play for more details on the game.
What are power ups?
Power ups are special items within the game which help you make better box picking decisions. They can be earned by answers questions correctly. Full details of each power up can be found in the How to Play section of the app.
What is Box 23?
Box 23 is a special power up that will only ever available in cases of very good questions answering in the last round. If you achieve the Box 23 power up, after the banker’s offer you will be given an additional box containing a special gamble: you could double your money or goa way with nothing! More details can be found in the How to Play section of the app.
What are lifelines?
You can use one of the four Lifelines to help answer a tricky question if you get stuck. - 50/50 Lifeline gets rid of 2 possible answers. - Ask The Wings highlights the answer that other players think is right. - Time Freeze pauses the game timer for that particular question. - Skip Questions will move on to the next question. You can buy more Lifelines in the shop using your Banker's Gold."
What is Banker's Gold?
Banker's Gold is the in-app virtual currency that you can earn by playing the various games.
What is Wealth?
Wealth is the amount of overall points you have gained from beating The Banker. Your overall Wealth score determines where you appear on the Global and Facebook leader boards.
What are Boosters?
Booster's are optional purchases that once purchased allow you to double your power bar, bankers gold or wealth. Click the small 'i' on each Booster for more detailed information.
What is the Daily Bonus?
The Daily Bonus is a special reward for continuing to return to the game over consecutive days.
Can I change my Avatar or Nickname?
Pick carefully! Unfortunately there is currently no way of changing your account avatar or nickname after the initial set up. If you log in with Facebook, the app will automatically use your profile picture and profile name.
Will the app be available for Windows Phone?
There are currently no plans to release Deal or No Deal: Noel's Quiz for Windows phone.
I think one of your questions is wrong, what should I do?
If you think you've spotted a wrong question, you can let us know by emailing us on support @dealornodealapp.co.uk or use the in app Contact Us function.
Can I resign from a game I no longer wish to play?
If you would like to end of game temporarily, you can press the pull down button at the top of the screen, followed by the exit button in the top right hand corner. The best way to permanently end a game you no longer wish to play is to accept The Bankers deal when offered.
I'm having problems connecting via Facebook.
  1. It is possible that your request to connect to Facebook is timing out or your Wifi/3G is dropping in which case it is worth giving it another try.
  2. If using the Facebook app, log out of Deal or No Deal - Noel's Quiz. Open the Facebook App on your device and go to Settings > Account Settings > Apps >Logged in with Facebook > Click on the Deal or No Deal app > Remove App using the button at the bottom. Reopen Deal or No Deal - Noel's Quiz and retry Connect with Facebook.
  3. You may need hard close the app. Head to Facebook on a desktop computer. Head to settings in the top right hand corner and then click apps in the left hand column. In app settings click the cross next to Deal or No Deal - Noel's Quiz (if it is showing there) then reopen the app and try to connect again.
  4. If you're still having problems connecting please do get in touch using the contact us form, or email us on support @dealornodealapp.co.uk
Where is the app available?
The app is available on the iOS and Android App Stores. Just use the links below to download!