Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to the more frequently asked questions below.  Still having a problem? Then email us at support@goodcatchgames.com

Crashes and Error Messages

My coins / costumes / score didn't save properly, what should I do?
If your items didn't save properly, please get in touch by navigating to the Email Us button in the Settings Menu (top left button, looks like a cog) in the app, or email us at support@goodcatchgames.com


How do I make Mr Bean jump?
To make Mr Bean jump over obstacles in Mr Bean - Risky Ropes tap the screen once. To make Mr Bean jump further tap and hold down.
Why are all the animals so grumpy?
The animals are smiling on the inside!
Can I skip a mission if I'm stuck?
You can skip a mission if you're stuck or simply don't like it by pressing the skip button to get a new one in the main menu.
How do I unlock costumes?
You can unlock costumes by completing achievements. Press the Hat & Rope icon on the home screen to visit the costume screen. Then, tap on a costume's silhouette to see the requirement for unlocking it.


How can I give feedback or suggestions about the game?
We appreciate your feedback! Get in touch by navigating to the Email Us button in the Settings Menu in the app (button in the top left of the screen), or email us at support@goodcatchgames.com. You can also send your suggestions to our social media channels on Twitter & Instagram @goodcatchgames or on Facebook: Facebook.com/goodcatchgames
What are the supported devices / OS for Mr Bean Risky Ropes?
Mr Bean Risky Ropes works on devices with iOS 7 / Android 4.4.4 or above installed.
I'd like to get in contact directly...
To contact us you can email our support inbox on support@goodcatchgames.com! Although we try to respond to every message, we are a very small team, so there may be a small delay getting back to you.
Where can I get more info about the game?
To get more info about Mr Bean Risky Ropes you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
Can I remove ads from the game?
You can remove ads by pressing the "No Ads" button at the bottom of the home screen and making a purchase - thanks for supporting the game!