Mr Bean Sandwich Stack

Mr Bean Sandwich Stack

Help Mr Bean in the official game Mr Bean Sandwich Stack. Catch ingredients shot out by his crazy kitchen machine and build the biggest sandwich you can!

Get it now on IOS and Android.
Mr Bean Sandwich Stack - Prawn Stack

Collect Coins

Collect coins to unlock wallpapers!

Mr Bean Sandwich Stack - Large Stack


Can you stack lettuce, cheese, spaghetti, and jelly higher than your friends?

Mr Bean Sandwich Stack - Yum


Decorate Mr Bean's kitchen with 14 collectable wallpapers.


  • Maattttttttt

    Amazing game to pass the time whilst travelling. Superb animation! Just love the creativity on Sandwich fillings. The higher the level the better it gets. Well done!”

  • El Aliendronic

    excellent 👨🎮🍔🍟🍤🍣🍗🍪🍩🍫🍦🌽🍆

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