Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to the more frequently asked questions below.  Still having a problem? Then email us at support@goodcatchgames.com


How To Play!
To help Mr Bean Deliver packages to his customers, you need to deliver at least one of the packages stacked on his car to his customer before the time runs out.
How do I Level-Up?
To level-up, you need to collect the Coins and Upgrade Tokens needed to unlock the next level.
What happens when I Level-Up?
When you level-up, you unlock new customer orders, locations, boosters and other cool features and rewards.
How do I get Coins?
Coins can be earned in several ways: -   Completing deliveries. You also get bonus Coins for every package you get over the line. -   As prizes from Special Packages. -   Buy Coin packs with Gems, or get Coins in one of the bundle offers.
What are Upgrade Tokens and how do I get them?
There are four upgrade tokens; Engine, Steering, Suspension and Grip. You get these tokens from Special Packages or from bundle offers.
What are Special Packages?
Special Packages are boxes you can open that are full of goodies, including; Upgrade Tokens, Coins, Gems, Booster Tokens and Customizations. There are several different Special Packages that you can win in the game, or you can buy stacks of them for Gems.
What’s the Mechanic’s Toolbox?
This contains some of each Upgrade Token, so you can level-up really quickly.
What’s the Decorator’s Toolbox?
This contains one of each customization type, so you can get a brand new look for your car.
What can you customize?
You can customize your car’s paint job, wheels, aerial topper and exhaust trails in loads of different ways. Just head to the Customize screen and try out any new customizations you win in Special Packages.
What are Boosters and how do I use them?
Boosters are crazy car add-ons made by yours truly, Mr Bean. Use them to help pass a difficult level or just to have fun! You can buy Boosters with Booster Tokens, Gems or get them free by watching an advert.
What are Booster Tokens?
Boosters Tokens recharge over time, so you should have a few each time you play. You can win extra Boosters in Special Packages or get them in bundle offers.
What are Lost Boxes?
Lost Boxes are packages you pick up on the track when making deliveries. You need to collect of few before you can open it and claim your rewards.


Will the game be launching on other platforms other than iOS and Android?
At present we're not planning to release the game on other platforms. The app is only available on iOS and Android.
Where can I keep up to date with news about the app?
Please follow Mr Bean Games on Facebook or Mr Bean App on Twitter
I want to give feedback or suggestions about the app, how do I do this?
If you should experience an issue, please send us a message through the 'contact support' button in the settings menu. This gives us all necessary information to be able to address your problem. If this is not possible, you can also send an e-mail directly to support@goodcatchgames.com. In this e-mail, please include your device, operating system and app version, as wewll as any screenshots. If you’re having a problem not mentioned here please do let us know!
Where is the app available?
The app is currently available in the Philipines, Malaysia and Pakistan. A global release is coming soon! Follow Mr Bean Games on Facebook to stay up to date.
What do VIP players get?
VIP players get a special bonus reward on every level up, including; Gems, Special Packages and other great stuff. If you become a VIP player, you will get all the rewards for every level you have already passed straight away!
There are too many Ads, how do I remove them?
Adverts between the deliveries can be removed by making a small purchase in the shop.
Why Log-in with Facebook?
If you connect with your Facebook account, we can back up your game so that you can restore it should you lose it, or if you want to play on another device. Facebook players can also compete on the leaderboards to be the player that’s delivered the most packages!