Tap to lock rotating blocks and make a flat path for your bouncing adventurer in a game of timing and skill. Can you go further than your friends and get the top score?

Get it now on IOS and Android.

Collect Coins

Collect coins to unlock 40 unique adventurers!

Traverse 6 Zones

Traverse 6 zones - from the rolling hills of the countryside to the industrious heart of the city.

The Adventurers

Can you collect them all?


  • wingod74

    Really addictive game. Looks easier than it is but once you get going you can’t stop locking the blocks!

  • simieski

    Really enjoying this game. Is really challenging and addictive. The block locking mechanism is really original and the music is cool. Love that you get little adventurers stickers too. They’re sooo funny. I’m number 7 on the top global leaderboard, bring it!

    5.0 rating
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