Sounds Stupid

Sounds Stupid - The #1 Party Game

Sounds Stupid is the fun party game where you take turns to make the sound on the screen. The player who guesses most sounds correctly wins! Can you make the sound of a Duck in a Traffic Jam OR a Dog Ghost? Find out in this laughter-filled group party game. Perfect for family gatherings, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Sounds Stupid Game

Bring stupidity to your party!

Use your oral creativity for hilarious group fun. Are you prepared to sound stupid?

Sounds Stupid Sound Packs

Over 500 hilarious sounds

From Animal Magic to the more risque NSFW and many more.

Sounds Stupid Selfies

Top the Selfie Scoreboard!

Take a selfie to create a unique scoreboard with your friends.


  • Tom C

    This is a really fun party game. It helps if you have had a few drinks, but not required. Some sounds are quite hard, but watching people struggle is half the fun. Mwahahah

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