Mr Bean – Special Delivery

MR Bean - Special Delivery

No delivery job is too far for Mr Bean and his trusty sidekick, Teddy! So buckle up and start your engines, in this awesome free Mr Bean Game. Test your driving skills, and get to the finish line as fast as possible without dropping any packages. Play the official Mr Bean driving game now!

Get it now on IOS and Android.
Mr Bean - Special Delivery Boosters

Mr Bean's Boost-a-matic

Level up your experience to unlock more upgrades and craft power-ups to give you an edge on each run.

Mr Bean - Special Delivery Areas

Deliver to 4 exciting areas!

No job is too far for Mr Bean! Drive through the city, the countryside, the mountains and the desert.

1000's of car customisations

Upgrade Bean's car with paints, wheels, toppers & trails. Collect them all for special bonuses!


  • Nelson Gomez

    It exceeded my expectations

  • sobster123

    INCREDIBLE Mr Bean game. Love it sound effects amazing. It’s fun!

  • Rishi Roy

    Awesome game! Love mr. Bean’s in game voices.

  • **Benjie Zuniega**


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