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    • The Most Exciting Simon’s Cat Game Levels in the World

      Hi Dashers, in today’s blog post we’re sharing some Simon’s Cat game design magic with you. Specifically how we create the fun and beautiful levels in Simon’s Cat Dash in 6 steps. 1. The Rules our Simon’s Cat game level will follow The first step when you’re building a level is to decide how the […]

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    • Special Simon’s Cat Bonus Level – The adorable Hedgehogs

      Hi Dashers, are you enjoying our new Simon’s Cat game? Today we will tell you more about the first special Simon’s Cat bonus level in Simon’s Cat Dash, the hedgehogs. What is a Simon’s Cat Bonus Level? First of all, let’s explain what a bonus level is. In Simon’s Cat Dash players will meet and […]

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    • 6 Simple Simon’s Cat Dash Tips You Need to Know

      Are you enjoying our Simon’s Cat Game? Here are 6 simple Simon’s Cat Dash tips by the Game Designer which will help you reach a new high score in no time! Simon’s Cat Dash Tips #1 Follow the Butterflies Follow the blue butterfly trails to safely navigate through the levels. They will show you where […]

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