Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to the more frequently asked questions below.  Still having a problem? Then email us at support@goodcatchgames.com


How can I change my Profile display picture?
The game will use your current Facebook Profile Picture as your display picture in the app when you log in with Facebook.
Can I replay the Simon's Cat Dash Tutorial?
You can't replay the Simon's Cat Dash tutorial in game, but you can watch it again here:
How Do I Jump Higher?
To jump in Simon's Cat Dash tap the screen once. To make Simon's Cat jump higher, press the screen longer.
How do I make Simon's Cat Slide under Tunnels?
To make Simon's Cat slide in Simon's Cat Dash, swipe down quickly with your finger on the screen just before reaching the tunnel. Tip: Look for the Gnome with the down arrow! Try swiping just as you run past him.
How do I perform a Dash?
To dash, tap the screen once to jump, then tap again while Simon's Cat is in mid air. Use dash to jump over obstacles and traps, which are too long for a normal jump. Tip: you can only dash once per jump, so time the second tap well!
What are upgrades and how do they work?
Upgrades in Simon's Cat Dash make it easier for you to improve you score and receive more rewards. You can find them in the shop menu under upgrades. Currently there are 8 upgrades available in the game.
  • Score Multiplier: Increases the passive score multiplier that is always active.
  • Head Start: Increases how far the head start takes you.
  • Catnip Multiplier: Increases the score multiplier when in Catnip Mode.
  • Catnip Duration: Increases how long Catnip mode lasts for when activated.
  • Hedgehog Bonus Stage: Increases bonus stage frequency and rewards for the Hedgehogs.
  • Oscar Bonus Stage: Increases bonus stage frequency and rewards for Oscar.
  • Mouse Bonus Stage: Increases bonus stage frequency and rewards for the Mice.
  • Roysten Bonus Stage: Increases bonus stage frequency and rewards for Sir Roysten.
How do I Unlock Buddies and Trails?
Both Buddies and Trails can drop from Presents. Present bought for Gems have a higher chance of dropping a Buddy or Trail. Additionally, each Legendary cat comes with its own exclusive Buddy.
What are Kitten & Chloe's Special Powers?
Well for starters, both are adorably cute. Additionally, both have exclusive special powers! Kitten does not have to slide under tunnels as he's so tiny. Kitten also doubles all butterflies that have been picked up mid-run. Chloe gives you the first continue after you crash for free! Once you unlock Chloe the first continue is free for every cat.
Can I use Special Powers with other Cats?
Yes, you can use special powers with other cats! Once you unlock Kitten, his Butterfly Doubler power remains active no matter which cat you run with. Once you unlock Chloe every cat receives the first continue for free.
Does the Simon's Cat Dash level have an end?
No the Simon's Cat Dash level does not end! That's why this type of game is known as an Endless Runner. The game will, as you run, continually get faster and harder. In Simon's Cat Dash, you win every time you get a new highscore!
What is the Score Multiplier?
When you run you generate a score based on the distance you travel without crashing. Increasing your score multiplier means that the distance you run will generate even bigger scores! Basically, you want all the score multiplier increases you can get your paws on!
What is Catnip Mode?
When you collect 7 Catnip plants in the same run, you will enter Catnip Mode. In Catnip mode you will gain a massive boost to your score multiplier leading to even bigger high scores. Be sure to upgrade Catnip Mode in the upgrade tab of the shop!
What is the Super Catnip Mega Bonus?
When you have activated Catnip Mode enough times, you will activate the Super Catnip Mega Bonus. This is great, because you will run through a section bursting to the brim with Golden Butterflies!
What is a Bonus Stage?
A bonus stage is essentially a mini boss fight where you encounter special characters from the Simon's Cat Universe. These are the hedgehogs, Oscar, Sir Royston and the mice. You can activate a bonus stage by picking up the floating bubbles with their face in it during your run. This will take you to a special section where you need to complete the challenge. If you complete a bonus stage successfully you will be rewarded with lots of butterflies. One important thing to know: you can't die during bonus stages! If you fail the challenge, you will return to your normal run and continue. Good luck!


Where can I get my hands on the game?
Simon’s Cat Dash is out NOW on the App Store and Google Play. Click the links or visit the stores themselves and search for “Simon’s Cat Dash”.
Where can I get more info about the game?
You can follow us! Facebook - Facebook.com/simonscatdash
I'd like to get in contact directly...
You can email our support inbox on support@goodcatchgames.com! Although we try to respond to every message, we are a very small team, so there may be a small delay getting back to you.
I have found a bug in the game, what should I do?
Get in touch by navigating to the Contact Us button in the Settings Menu in the app, or email us at support@goodcatchgames.com detailing the bug as much as possible. What were you doing when it happened? Can you reproduce it?
Why am I having problems connecting with Facebook?
Unfortunately, there is no easy diagnosis for Facebook connection errors. Please try the troubleshooting tips below and get in touch with us if you're still having problems. 1.It is possible that your request to connect to Facebook is timing out or your Wifi/4G is dropping in which case it is worth giving it another try. Please do check your login details carefully. If you're still having issues try the steps below. 2.Open the Facebook App (if using) on your device and go to Settings > Account Settings > Apps >Logged in with Facebook > Click on the Simon's Cat Dash app > Remove App using the button at the bottom. Reopen Simon's Cat Dash and retry Connect with Facebook. You may need hard close the Simon's Cat Dash App. 3.If not using the Facebook app, head to Facebook on a PC or Mac. Head to settings in the top right hand corner and then click apps in the left hand column. In app settings click the cross next to Simon's Cat Dash (if it is showing there) then reopen the Simon's Cat Dash app and try to connect again.
How can I recover my progress?
The only way to make sure you will not lose your progress is to log into Facebook in the app. If your progress has gone missing and you were logged into Facebook:
  1. Delete the app
  2. Reinstall the app
  3. Play through the tutorial until you reach the main menu
  4. Go to the settings menu in the top left corner of the main menu.
  5. Tap the log in with Facebook button
  6. Log in with Facebook
  7. You will receive a popup asking which save file you'd like to use
  8. Select the save file with the highest values (you can scroll through the information by sliding up)
  9. Your progress should be restored.
If you weren't logged in with Facebook before you lost your progress, please contact support@goodcatchgames.com and send us a list of the items you lost. We will review if it's possible to restore your items.
What can I do with Butterflies?
You can buy Presents for a chance to obtain Cats, Trails & More!
What can I do if the app keeps crashing on my Android device?
If you haven’t already done so, please could you clear the app cache and data which often fixes common Android problems. To start, pop open your phone’s Settings app. Scroll down and tap Apps under the Device heading. From there, find the Simon's Cat Dash app —you may need to swipe left or right to either the Downloaded, Running, or All sections—and tap on it. You’ll be taken to an “app info” screen that provides some technical details including the app’s version number. Scroll down to the Cache section, then tap Clear cache and Clear Data. Please note these steps may vary device to device. Please do try this and get in touch at support@simonscatdash.com if you’re still having problems.
I would like to disable notifications for the game.
On iOS : 1.Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. 2.Tap on Notification Center. 3.Scroll down and find the app you'd like to disable Lock screen alerts for and tap on it. 4.Again, scroll down to the bottom and now turn the option for Show on Lock Screen to Off. On Android: (exact steps may differ slightly between devices) 1.Go to your device 'Settings' 2.In the “Device” section of the “Settings” screen, tap “Apps.” 3.On the “Apps” screen, scroll through the list of apps and touch the app for which you want to stop receiving notifications. 4.The “App info” screen displays for the selected app. Touch the “Show notifications” check box so there’s no check mark in the box. 5.A dialog box displays making sure you really want to turn off notifications. Touch “OK” to disable notifications for this app.
Will the game be launching on other platforms other than iOS and Android?
At present, the app is only available on iOS and Android.
My butterflies/x/x didn’t save properly, what should I do?
Get in touch by navigating to the Contact Us button in the Settings Menu in the app, or email us at support@goodcatchgames.com.
There are too many ads in the game, how do I remove ads?
We are very sorry that we have to ask our players to watch the occasional advert. We must do this to be able to support the game's continued development. If however, you make an in app purchase (IAP), such as Kitten or Chloe, you will no longer see adverts. Yay!
How can I change my Profile display picture?
The game will use your current Facebook Profile Picture as your display picture in the app when you log in with Facebook.
I want to give feedback or suggestions about the app, how do I do this?
Get in touch by navigating to the Contact Us button in the Settings Menu in the app, or email us at support@goodcatchgames.com. You can also send your suggestions to our social media channels - Twitter - @simonscatdash, Facebook - Facebook.com/simonscatdash, Instagram - simonscatdash
What devices/OS can I play this game on?
Your device must be on iOS 7 / Android 4.4.4 or above to play Simon’s Cat Dash. Android users will need to have a minimum of 1.5GB Ram on their device to play the game.
How can I restore purchases on Android?
All in-app purchases are linked to your Google Play account. If you change devices or lose your in-app purchases on an Android device, please make sure you're logged in to the correct Google Play account in the settings menu. If this doesn't work please follow the official Google Play help guide.
I would like a refund for my in-app purchase
On iOS, please contact Apple support and follow the steps below.
  1. You can request a refund using any web browser.
  2. Go to Apple's problem reports page: http://reportaproblem.apple.com/
  3. Login with your Apple ID user name (typically your email address) and password.
  4. Select the appropriate tab—all, music, movies, TV shows, apps, or books.
  5. Find the purchase you want refunded.
  6. Select Report a Problem to the right of the purchase.
  7. Select the reason you want the refund.
  8. Fill in the description, as appropriate.
  9. Select Submit.
On Google Play, please get in touch with us on support@goodcatchgames.com with a copy of your receipt / Order Number (typically in the format GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345. We'll then be able to process your refund.