Special Simon’s Cat Bonus Level – The adorable Hedgehogs

Simon's Cat Bonus Level - Simon's Cat Game - hedgehogs

Hi Dashers, are you enjoying our new Simon’s Cat game? Today we will tell you more about the first special Simon’s Cat bonus level in Simon’s Cat Dash, the hedgehogs.

What is a Simon’s Cat Bonus Level?

First of all, let’s explain what a bonus level is. In Simon’s Cat Dash players will meet and interact with many of Simon’s Cat’s friends in bonus levels, which are like mini boss fights that occasionally appear in our Simon’s Cat game once unlocked. You can unlock them by completing missions. The Simon’s Cat bonus levels are exciting because they give you a chance to interact with these cute characters and earn giant rewards (if you succeed!).

Simon's Cat Game Bonus Level - Hedgehogs

Meet The Hedgehogs

The hedgehogs are the first bonus level you unlock in the game. Simon’s Cat and Kitten regularly meet up with them in the animation to play together in the backyard. Although spikey, they  are innocent and very friendly. They don’t pose a threat to Simon’s Cat who sees them as fun playthings.


Simon's Cat Game Bonus Level - Hedgehogs 2What does the Hedgehog Bonus level entail?

You will occasionally meet the Hedgehogs in the Garden after you pick up their Simon’s Cat bonus level bubble while running. In this bonus level, the hedgehogs are playing a little game and rolling down a slide… right into Simon’s Cat’s path! Naughty little Hedgehogs.

Your aim is to get to the end of the level without running into any ‘Hedgehog balls’. If you make it to the end, you are awarded with lots of butterflies!

But wait, there is a twist! The Hedgehogs are out of control and have a tendency to bounce in the air when you least expect it. Don’t worry too much though – if you bump into a hedgehog it just means you’ll leap out of the bonus level and continue your normal run.


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